Personal advice to take your planning to the next level

Service of technical and methodological advice, for the implementation of specific and customized processes for technicians, clubs or institutions.

If you also have your own methodology we help you to develop it and implement it in a personalized way in a computer tool that will allow you an integral management maximizing time, resources and quality of processes.

What’s it about?

General Online Course

Take advantage of the training courses developed by Kimet Sport, to learn our effective method and train at the level of the best Spanish technicians. We offer different training programs to develop your skills in the field of football.

Kimet Planning + Animator

Kimet Planning is the first software in the market with intelligent training methodology, that allows managing and optimizing all the training processes of all the club’s players and teams, with the training programs of LaLiga Top Clubs.

Monthly Expert Webinar

Get advice to deploy your own method based on Kimet Method, that has been developed and adapted to different ages and formation levels, which allows you to optimize and customize the work depending on your players.

With Kimet Advice you’ll be able to:

· Have well-structured contents to work on your game model

· Plan each content to work in an integrated and contextualized way

· Design training tasks to work the contents of your game model

How much does it cost?

95 $/year

(*) During the launch campaign